Thursday, March 31, 2016

Build a Line Challenge from B'Sue Boutiques Part Three! Showcasing Elisabeth Wilks of Wearable Art by Lizzie

I am back again with my third and final blog for the BALC course. I have learned so much interesting information about the business of jewelry making. Also I personally have learned allot about myself and how I was able to rise to the challenge of this fun journey I have been on in the last three months.

Before this course I was sure I could never develop a line, let alone make the same piece more than once. I found if I could see an ending in sight and if I could create small doable lines and sub-lines, I would get excited.
 In forcing myself to think through coming up with a cohesive collection it has helped me focus and actually come up with more ideas because my mind was less scattered.

A few highlights of what we learned were different time periods in the history of jewelry and fashion trends and how they pertain to the art of jewelry making. We created collages of our past jewelry and analyzed them. I learned I have a definite bent one way. We also learned that social media plays a big part in the business of jewelry. Brenda Sue did a wonderful job with teaching this course. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go further in their jewelry business.
 All in all, this course has been a great learning process for me.  I am so glad I had the opportunity to participate in it.


Moving on to the exciting culmination to this course. My complete practice line "Neo Victorian"!

The reason I picked " Neo Victorian" for my line is I love everything Victorian/Edwardian! I am always drawn to any kind of style, fashion, jewelry, and decoration that has even a little bit of a Victorian vibe to it. For many years I had a subscription to "Victoria" the magazine. At the same time I also like some Modern style and decor. So I decided to mix them and create my own version of Victorian/Modern jewelry.

    Here are a few pictures of the process of creating my line.

I am using American made brass stampings in different patinas and swarovski stones and pearls.

These are some pictures of the finished pieces. I hope to create a salable line out of this practice one.


Thank you so much for following me on this three month journey of discovery into the joys of jewelry creation.

Please take the time to read the rest of my class mates blogs.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Build a Line Challenge from B'Sue Boutiques Part Two! Showcasing Elisabeth Wilks of Wearable Art by Lizzie

Hi, we are here again with our second blog hop. The first blog hop is thankfully behind me and I feel a little less jittery on this one.

We have studied our designs and learned about different designers and time periods of great jewelry. The designers I like and am influenced by past and present are Erte', Alphonse Mucha, Lalique, Mariam Haskell, and Brenda Sue Lansdowne.
 I took a look at quite a few of my collages from my past work and observed that I have a definite bent toward the Victorian/Edwardian style of jewelry. Here are a few pictures to illustrate.

I also learned that I am in the hobbist camp at the moment. A hobbist is a person that is content with creating jewelry from pretty things that have been purchased or found, whenever the time or inclination is there. I do have some aspects of the maker in me, though, as I do need to sell my jewelry to be able to keep on pursuing my hobby. The maker is a person who creates a small line. Income from their creations is important. They go to shows and have plans to boost themselves into a greater level of work. These definitions were given to us by Brenda Sue as a help to figure out where we are headed.

Moving on to the exciting reveal of my first piece from my line  "Neo-Victorian"!

Here are a few pictures of the ideas of how my necklace was coming together.
This picture is of the first ideas that were coming into my head!

Here I am trying to figure out how the chain will come together.

I have decided where everything will sit and I have started the gluing process. 

It was great fun to put everything together and to end up really pleased with the outcome! Here are the pictures of the finished necklace.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to read my blog. Stay tuned for our last blog hop in April. Visit to get "the good stuff," beautiful jewelry making supplies.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Build a Line Challenge from B'Sue Boutiques Part One! Showcasing Elisabeth Wilks of Wearable Art by Lizzie

 My artisan jewelry adventure began about seven to eight years ago. I created an all-crystal necklace with a matching pair of earrings.

Following this, I experimented using many varied jewelry techniques. I tried beadweaving!

and still love doing it for a good challenge!

Then I moved on to polymer clay.

I still enjoy working with polymer clay, but it is messy and time-consuming.

Beadweaving and polymer clay projects produced fun results but they were not fully satisfying to me.
About that time I began working with filigree, stampings, cabs, crystal, and beads. The light went on and I have loved working with mixed media projects from then on.

The title "Neo Victorian" showcases the feel I want for my line of jewelry. I have already gleaned from Brenda Sue's modules and excercises from our BALC class that this truly expresses what I want for my line.

The title ultimately expresses a combination of the Victorian and Edwardian periods with a dash of Art Nouveau and the Modern periods.

The pictures below are some hints at what I will be developing!

I am excited as to where the rest of this BALC class will takes us. Thank you Brenda Sue Lansdowne for all your hard work on this course.  Visit her online store B'sue where I acquired these beautiful stampings.
Stay tuned for our next blog hop in February. Thank you for taking the time to read my musings.

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